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garbage_truck_toy.jpgI published my first book in 2007, the same year as the birth of our son. That was all done very much by design. I wanted him to be able to say that his dad was an author who wrote his first book the year he was born! He’s 17 months old now, and though I’ve told him every day that his dad is an author, and have even attempted to read him the book that is dedicated to him, he remains unimpressed from all I can tell.

The thing that really captivates him is when the garbage man comes in his big white truck with the hydraulic claw and the rythmic “beep…beep…beep” sound it makes when it backs up. My wife and I must admit, when you watch it as intently as he does, it is rather impressive. Whether or not I should try to get my money back on all the education I’ve invested in over the years and try to get a job as the guy who drives the trash truck so I can be my son’s hero is still something I’m debating.

What is NOT in debate, however, is that what is important is determined by, defined by, and described by THE CUSTOMER! Rather than just assume we know what our customer wants, and certainly before we take any action, we should study them to a point just short of obsession in an effort to find out exactly what is most important to them. Our strategic plan then simply becomes finding a profitable way to give them what they want.

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