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The other day we had a problem where our dishwasher was overflowing suds. We knew who to call because we’d used a very good repair service, Dan’s Appliance Repair, when we had a problem with our washing machine. We knew to use Dan’s because when my wife’s sister had needed some appliance problem solved at her family’s house, it was Dan who came to the rescue. Naturally she couldn’t say enough good things about him and she eagerly referred him based on her experience. 

So anyhow, my wife calls Dan with the hope that he could come right out, and he did the next best thing. He asked a few questions in order to diagnose the problem, then suggested that my wife try something before he made a service call. She did, it worked, problem solved, zero expense! That is, no charge to us! I repeat NO CHARGE! 

Care to take a guess who we’ll refer any time the need for appliance repair comes up or who we’ll call when we have a need? 

Dan may not have collected for a service call in this case, but he further solidified his brand. He escalated the level of trust we place in him which will ultimately result in more business for him, and the kind of brand building that can’t be bought. It can only be earned.  

The best way to get MORE business is to do GOOD business!


Tara Fiechtl said -

I love this example. I recently had car problems and took it into a small nearby car repair shop (name escapes me now!) and received the same kind of service. Offered to take a look for me (at no charge) and ask me if my husband was “handy”. I said yes, in fact he can diagnose and fix just about anything, which is nice to have around the house! He told me the part I needed and said it was simple enough that I didn’t need to waste my money on something so simple to fix. How many times does that happen at a car repair shop, not many, and it was a first for me! I will be driving by later to recall the shop and be sure to recommend that shop to anyone having trouble with their car!

November 8, 2011 @ 9:33 am