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Tis the Season!

By Dr. Burt Smith November 30th, 2014

Here come the holidays, which also means here comes the annual repeat of some of my favorites!

As has become a bit of a tradition, I’m opening our holiday season with Steve Earle’s version of “Nothing But a Child.”

Crank it up!

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THANK YOU! (2014)

By Dr. Burt Smith November 24th, 2014

Right to the point:

THANK YOU for being a part of our lives!

and, from our family to yours,


Pics per Laura in Park

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; His love endures forever.

– 1 Chronicles 16:34


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BlueprintA lot of folks dream about owning their own business so that they’ll have the freedom to do the things they most want to do. Unfortunately, once they get into the business, they find that rather than owning the business the business owns them far worse than the job they left ever did. What I’m about to suggest isn’t necessarily a cure-all for that, but it is something worth considering as you think about starting your business.

Don’t start with the design of the business. Start first with what kind of LIFE you want that business to give you. Do you want to travel? Or never have to travel? Spend more time as a family?

If thinking about “the kind of life you want” seems to broad, ask yourself, “What would the ideal DAY look like?” Would you get up early and only work half a day? Would you be able to sleep late? Would you be able to work when you want and take off when you want? Who would you spend your time with? What would you do during a typical day that would make you feel like you accomplished something? Simply envision what you want, or don’t want, for your typical day and then you can start to work designing a business that helps you get there.

True, there are a lot more specific questions you’ll have to answer along the way, but beginning with your ideal day in mind will help you make a lot of decisions about what business, and what business model, is best for you. The next step is designing the systems to make all this possible.

By the way, getting to correspond with YOU like this every week is a something I enjoy a great deal about my business. A formal THANK YOU greeting will arrive next week, but consider this an early expression of my gratitude and that of my family!

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Veteran’s Day 2014

By Dr. Burt Smith November 11th, 2014

Thomas H. Smith (1944)

Thomas H. Smith (1944)

Posting for Veteran’s Day is something I always look forward to. I end up saying pretty much the same thing every year, yet it’s something we can’t say enough because any of us who enjoy freedom today have someone who took an oath to defend our freedom with their lives if necessary to thank. So as we do each year, we say a heartfelt THANKS to all those who so selflessly served our country and those who continue to serve.

In year’s past I’ve also mentioned how proud I am to be able to tell my son that both his Grandfathers wore their country’s uniform. You can read more about that here.

This year I wanted to be sure that thank you specifically includes my dad, Tom Smith. He died in 1988 so I can’t thank him personally, but I can give him a little tribute here.

I urge you to make sure that you express your appreciation for any veterans you know. To say we owe them everything isn’t an exaggeration, but an understatement.

No freedom, no free market.

Lest we forget!



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Just a short, get-to-the-point post this week. Unusual for me, huh?

What’s not so unusual for me is to sneak in a little self-promotion, so I’ll subtly do that now

Two articles I’d selfishly like very much for you to see:



The message: THANKS to all those who made the journey possible.

The lesson: 20 years ain’t near as long as it used to be!







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