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“Customers tend to avoid a restaurant that’s going aswamp in its own sludge.”  McDonald’s Ray Kroc used to tell his franchisees and managers. He demanded that each restaurant, especially the restrooms, be spic and span, and he would totally flip out if he walked into one of his restaurants and found it anything less than spotless. If he visited some of the restaurants I’ve been in lately, especially the restrooms, I think he’d have a fit that would rattle the windows.

Ordinarily I like to be positive in my BLOG, and I tried to credit McDonald’s in the last few entries for how they are making positive strides in terms of their big-picture strategy, but the shoddy way in which so many McDonald’s I’m in is being run is an embarrassment to me as customer, and as a shareholder. There is no excuse for the sloppy appearance of many, if not most, of these restaurants, and it needs to get fixed pronto. I’ll state again that I’m a committed believer in McDonald’s, and I will look forward to bragging on them once it’s done.

If they need a mantra to help spur this action, consider another of Ray’s famous sayings, “If you’ve got time to lean, you’ve got time to clean.”

On another, very exciting note, there is a movie in the works about the fascinating life of McDonald’s founder Ray Kroc, starring highly accomplished actor Michael Keaton, and, unless they botch it like they did the Steve Jobs movie, this could be awesome! Details to follow.

Look after the customers and the business will take care of itself.” – Ray Kroc





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