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We enjoy so much abundant choice when it comes to all the affordable things that are so readily available to us in the free market. I often find myself feeling a bit guilty because all that abundant choice is indeed so affordably, readily available that I forget that it happens because at some point, an entrepreneur had the guts to take a risk and put in all the hard work into giving me the value I take for granted.

How about we all make a point of at least acknowledging, if not outright, deliberately thanking, the entrepreneurs for doing what they do?

And if you’re an entrepreneur reading this, thanks! 

The risk of losing their house, prized possessions, and life savings is a risk that many backyard inventors are ready to take in order to launch a fledgling enterprise. These people with grit and gumption, willing to wander into uncharted territory just like the pioneers of old. In starting a new business, they choose excitement over the security of a regular paycheck. It’s not enough that they invest all their money in the project. They must also work long hours and invest most of their time.” – Peter Lynch, Learn to Earn



Boz said -

So wonderfully spoken, Bro. Burt! We all have a tendency to take for granted that which we’ve always had. Walmart, Exxon-Mobile, Ford, Cisco, Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse…it’s so easy to forget that all of those companies had a ‘first day’ as a business with a man or woman pouring their heart (and bank account!) into something they believed in. There’s never been a better time for someone with a dream to start a new business. Recently, I told a group of students all you really need to get started in their new venture is 1) the desire, 2) a caring mentor, 3) Craigslist, 4) a website, and 5) a phone. The phone is the only thing that costs money! Eventually they’ll need a customer, of course, but heck you don’t even need one of those just to get started. 😉

-bro. boz

October 13, 2016 @ 8:59 am

    Dr. Burt Smith said -

    Thanks Bro Boz! Always great hearing from you!

    November 30, 2016 @ 11:20 am