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If you look at any successful relationship, chances are the key thing that makes it successful, the common denominator, is effective communication.

Communication that is candid, respectful, useful, timely, concise, relevant, interpersonal, and any other adjectives you can think of to describe it. It all comes down to communication.

Leadership is very much a relationship, so communication is a leadership skill that can’t be oversold.

If you’re already a good communicator, good for you. Just remember it’s a process, so constantly challenge yourself to  be an even better communicator.

If not, don’t despair. Being a good communicator, just like being a good leader, is something that can be learned.

Communicate in a respectful manner – don’t just tell your team members what you want, but explain to them why.”Jeffrey Morales

Communication sometimes is not what you first hear, listen not just to the words, but listen for the reason.”Catherine Pulsifer

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