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Blog > Nordstrom’s threw the book away?

I‘m a huge fan of using guiding principles. In fact, I often suggest trying to replace formal strategic plans with a good set of memorable, actionable guiding principles wherever possible. You can find more on that HERE if you’re interested. The idea of forgoing formal strategic plans for a handful of guiding principles may sound […]

Blog > Better than a strategic plan?

In previous entries I’ve suggested that a much more ACTIONABLE alternative to long, drawn-out, boring strategic plans is to have a set of guiding principles that give members of the organization direction on how to make decisions. How to take ACTION, which is what strategic plans are supposed to accomplish in the first place. The […]

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Blog > 11 on a scale of 10?

One of the things I detest about most strategic plans is that they involve a bunch of talk and very little “do.” A strategic plan is pretty much worthless unless it results in action, so my thought is, why not just skip all the time-wasting stuff and instead focus on EXECUTION? I’m a bigger fan of guiding principles instead of […]

Blog > What The Heck Are You Doing?

I once heard of a law firm that had one guiding principle that was ingrained in every single employee at every department from the time they were first hired. It goes like this: “You’re either serving the client, or you’re serving the person who’s serving the client. If you’re not, then what the heck are […]


Before you think you’re reading some slang for a profane phrase used in instant messaging, allow me to explain! WTGBRFDT stands for “What’s The Good Business Reason For Doing This?” It is a guiding principle that drives every action, every policy, and EVERY decision made by World Savings. This very interesting organization profiled in Less […]