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Blog > Is an economic downturn right around the corner?

Do I think we’re headed for an economic downturn? Yes. Absolutely. Definitely. Why do I say that? And for that matter, why would I say such a thing when it’s usually my goal to offer you mostly positive stuff when you visit here? I say yes, we absolutely, definitely are headed for an economic downturn. […]

Blog > Beards blunting razor sales?

Gillette has always made a good razor, one capable of commanding a premium price and maintaining a loyal following, which is an excellent formula for success in any market sector. Procter & Gamble recognized this several years ago and wisely purchased the company to add to its stable of other category-dominating brands. But sometimes even […]

Blog > What are the forces that make the environment so dynamic?

What makes the environment in which we operate so dynamic is the constant interaction of a set of environmental forces. They can be totally independent of each other or they can influence one another, so they have quite an impact. In any case, they’re worth knowing about. So, what are the categories of environmental forces? […]

Blog > Environmental analysis just simple physics?

Every object continues in its state of rest, or of uniform motion in a straight line, unless compelled to change that state by external forces acted upon it.” (Holzner, “Physics for Dummies”)   That’s pretty much the long and short of what the science of Physics is all about, I guess. It also helps explain […]

Blog > Why is everything so crazy?

One of the first lessons of leadership is to constantly acknowledge that we operate in a very dynamic environment. While the ongoing nature and rapid pace of the change is often frustrating (if not mind-boggling!), we can also acknowledge that there are specific categories of environmental forces at work that can be studied to help […]

Blog > How Will Trick-Or-Treating Be Affected By The Economy?

Let’s hope not! Actually, there is a lesson here for us, though, and it deals with environmental forces. The best laid strategies and the highest hopes can often be dashed by a change in one or more of the forces that constantly impact what we plan to do as strategic planners. Organizations do not exist […]