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Blog > Super Bowl Ad Showdown 2015

First, a thousand thanks to the AMAOKC for having me moderate the 2015 Superbowl Showdown at the February meeting. I always LOVE doing it, and as I get older, my appreciation for being asked to do it escalates, yet I also know there’s gonna be a year when I’m too old or too irrelevant to […]

Blog > Super Bowl ad standouts (Don’t worry, this won’t take long!)

In  a couple of weeks I’ll be moderating the AMAOKC’s annual Super Bowl Showdown. I don’t get a vote in what gets picked or anything, but if you’re interested, here are some that I thought were worth talking about. It’ll be interesting to see if any of these make the cut. My bet is the […]

Blog > Do I owe the Super Bowl an apology?

For as long as I’ve had the honor of appearing on your screen as a Blogger, I have made essentially an annual tradition of bashing the whole pomp and circumstance surrounding the time of year I’ve come to call “Super Bowl Season.” I have stated often, and continue to believe, the hype about the grandeur […]

Blog > What to REALLY watch for during this year’s Super Bowl…

You’d think because my profession is marketing that the Super Bowl would be my favorite time of the year. That’s not exactly the case. While it is always interesting to see how these organizations develop huge productions that do indeed grab the eye, may entertain, and may have us buzzing about some of them around […]

Blog > Wanna ruin the Super Bowl party?

Come Super Bowl Sunday we’ll all be gathered around the tube to give this hyped-up event the homage it deserves. Most of us will likely discuss the commercials that air during this glorious event as much as we discuss the game itself. That shouldn’t be so surprising considering how marketers pay close to $3 million per 30 seconds of […]

Blog > How is Black Friday like the Super Bowl?

Retailers light up when they talk about “Black Friday.” This is the Friday right after Thanksgiving where they offer all kinds of crazy deals and hope to start to show black ink instead of red for the first time during the typical year. I’ve already shared how I feel about the Super Bowl, and I have similar […]

Blog > Branding comes down to this…

A lot of times we like to lay more blame at the feet of ad agencies than they deserve.  You may recall from how snarky I get around Super Bowl season each year that I’m as guilty of this as anyone. Revisit some of those musings here if you like. I think it’s worth noting that the advertisement is […]

Blog > What should Kia have done instead?

Kia used a Super Bowl ad to boldly roll out its attempt to enter the luxury car market. What Kia is attempting to do is use a line extension to move into a new category. Sometimes this works, but for the reasons such as those we shared in the previous entry, often times it does […]

Blog > Can Kia pull it off?

Kia is trying to move into the luxury car category. They blasted onto the scene with an impressive Super Bowl commercial (one of the few that were truly Super Bowl-worthy in terms of grandeur, in fact). Just in case you missed it… Wow!  A noble effort, to be sure. The commercial is an impressive piece […]

Blog > AMAOKC: Profound panel, panelists! (Positively)

It’s over a week in the rear-view mirror, but there’s still plenty abuzz about the incredible insights offered by the 2014 Super Bowl Panel hosted by the American Marketing Association of Oklahoma City (AMAOKC). Vice President (and soon-to-be-President-Elect) Stew Law, assembled this group of experts who offered their insights on a selection of the commercials. […]