Month: October 2007

May I Have a Black Napkin, Please?

I was having lunch with a fellow consultant at a nice restaurant a while back. When my colleague was issued his white napkin, he politely asked if he could exchange it for a black one. The waitstaff eagerly complied. My colleague then explained that the white cloth napkins most restaurants use can shed very badly and […]

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What Can Brown Do For Us?

Show us a neat way to communicate an important but not that exciting concept in a clever but not terribly expensive way, that’s what! UPS has the new and empowering goal of being THE distribution system for my business and yours. They want to become an extension of our business and they’re well on their way. […]

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Here’s Your Sign…

Use your vehicle as a moving billboard…Or Don’t The idea of using signage on your organization’s vehicles isn’t new, but some new tools may make it worth taking a second look! You’ve likely seen how buses can be turned into moving billboards through the placement of several ads on the body of the bus, or by turning the outside of the bus into […]

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How Am I Gonna Compete On Price?

You’re not! Don’t fall into that trap! Don’t cut the price, build the brand! Competing on price is always a bad idea! I used to say that very few organizations can do it long-term. Then I said that only ONE organization has effectively done it for any extended period of time, and that was Wal-Mart. […]

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