Month: November 2007

Thanks, YouTube!

Here’s a little something just to make your week! It’s a very inspirational video about Team Hoyt. Click here to view it. I know a go-getter like you will appreciate this for its motivational value, but in case you have others in your life who tend to be just a little on the negative side, you […]

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Why Do They Call It “Black Friday?”

Is it because of  the dismally long lines? The grim faces of the shoppers? Because this day tends to bring out the most aggression in people? Because the want for material things overshadows the whole purpose of the Holiday Season? Actually, it’s called Black Friday because that’s the day many of the nation’s retailers traditionally begin to turn a […]

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Thank You. What Else Can I Say?

In his timeless classic, How to Stop Worrying and Start Living, Dale Carnegie advised us to count our blessings, not our troubles. This not only helps avoid stress but can help foster an attitude of gratitude and help us attract so much more good in our lives! We live in a free market economy in […]

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What’s In That Black Box?

Wouldn’t we like to know! One very useful tool we have to help understand how consumers make decisions is the 5 stage consumer decision-making model. The model proclaims that consumers indeed go through 5 specific steps in every decision they make. These are: Problem Recognition > Information Search > Evaluation of Alternatives > Purchase Decision > […]

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What If I Just Don’t Feel Like Networking?

Do it anyway! First, there is a difference between being “sick” and just not “feeling good.” A client of mine who owned several retail stores used that as a guiding principle for employees who considered missing work because they didn’t “feel good.” He pointed out that there is a difference in being ill and simply not […]

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