Month: January 2008

How Is Lousy Service An Opportunity?

Every time you get lousy service, you should jump for joy! You should then put on your entrepreneurial hat and go about capitalizing on this amazing opportunity! You have just discovered an under-served market! A gap in the market that you may be able to fill! So be excited! Be very excited! The great thing […]

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The Death of Segmentation?

According to Advertising Super-Giant J. Walter Thompson, 2008 may officially mark the end of the ability to segment, categorize, or otherwise label customers on a broad scale. “Demographic ‘pigeonholing’ will become less useful to marketers, as consumers change their behaviors -such as when they marry or attend school and for how long – in less predictable ways. […]

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Where’s The Shark?

Remember that eery scene from the first Jaws movie where the woman is swimming at night in the ocean? She first feels something bump into her, then something tugs her down a couple of times, then she’s seen being dragged violently through the water, then she’s seen no more! And the scary Jaws da-dum, da-dum, […]

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