Month: February 2008

Don’t Do It, Starbucks!

Say it ain’t so! Starbucks has announced it’ll be testing a “$1 Coffee” in some markets this year. This is their idea of a prudent response to the forthcoming economic downturn all the experts are so certain is on its way. They think fewer people will be able to afford, or will be willing to spend money on, their […]

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Thank You, Tom Peters!

If you haven’t had a chance to read Re-Imagine! by Tom Peters, I’d really encourage it. Though it was written in 2003, like a lot of Dr. Peters’ work, it still packs quite a punch! Somebody got me a daily calendar that has a “quote-a-day” from Re-Imagine! and that’s a neat way to digest and […]

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You Don’t Like It? Leave!

My wife and I visited Eureka Springs, Arkansas a few years ago and I saw a tremendous example of an organization that understood the value of knowing, and serving, its target market. I made a point of jotting down what was posted on the glass door of one of the restaurants in Eureka Springs. It […]

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