Month: April 2008

But What If We Make A Mistake?

In my ECHO Marketing Seminars earlier this year, I was asked several times if the Kindle launch at was an example of how hyper-growth can be worse than not growing at all. While it is a good example of how we can sometimes be a victim of our own marketing success, and I still passionately […]

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Googlish Hubris?

Could hubris be the downfall of the mighty Google? Let me find a dictionary and get back to you! Actually, CNBC’s Dennis Kneale comes right out and says he thinks Google has indeed gone too far astray from its core business. I’ll let you watch for yourself and see what you think. Here’s the link:  […]

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Are You Sitting Around on Your Brand?

I once heard a story about William McKinley, the 25th president of the United States. He was trying to fill a position on his staff and was struggling to decide between two candidates whose qualifications were pretty much equal. That was, however, until something happened that changed his perception of one of them. One dreary, […]

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Before you think you’re reading some slang for a profane phrase used in instant messaging, allow me to explain! WTGBRFDT stands for “What’s The Good Business Reason For Doing This?” It is a guiding principle that drives every action, every policy, and EVERY decision made by World Savings. This very interesting organization profiled in Less […]

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What Should We Do Now, Box?

H&R Block had this hilarious commercial that featured a guy trying to figure his taxes using a software package, but was obviously at a standstill. His beloved wife comes up and asks if he had anyone he could ask for advice, then announces, with an ample amount of sarcasm, “Oh that’s right. You decided not […]

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Call, Click, or Visit?

The answer is, “The customer!” The question is one that comes up frequently in my seminars, which deals with whether one should work toward an entirely web-based model, or try to have some hybrid that involves a physical storefront or touch point along with a web-based delivery system for the business? As technology becomes more affordable, employees […]

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Narrow Your Focus, Fatten Your Wallet?

In BrandSimple, authors Allen P. Adamson and Martin Sorrell  praise the Iridium company for learning from its mistakes. Iridium makes those very dependable, rugged, but hardy aesthetic or even practical-for-the-average-person phones that get service everywhere. They thought their market would be anyone who wanted dependable phone service. Because their service is satellite-based, it can get a signal […]

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