Month: August 2008

How Do You Roll A Stone Uphill?

By letting someone else do the heavy lifting! One of the things I admire about the Rolling Stones is how they have managed to keep on rockin’ after all these years! They’re a worthy study for that reason and for how they have managed to maintain a brand over 4 decades. A strategy they employ […]

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How’d Ted Turn Lead Into Gold?

Ted Turner’s media empire started with his acquisition of a run-down cable station in the days before cable was cool. He put on programming that was older (and cheaper!) like Gilligan’s Island and The Andy Griffith Show. He sold advertising based on the simple fact that since most of the programming was in black-and-white, advertisers’ […]

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How Can You Give Yourself A Raise?

Simple Answer: Efficiency! By improving your operations, you get more efficient, which means you better utilize your existing investments and assets. Because there is no additional investment, and because you’re getting higher performance out of what you’ve already got, you automatically widen your profit margins. You can do this without raising prices. How do you […]

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When Should You THINK About Changing a Strategy?

Constantly. I said in an earlier post  that you should CHANGE a strategy or campaign only when it STOPS performing. That is, when it stops performing at an optimal level on a consistent basis. Exactly how you measure “optimal” is up to you. You may find that even if the strategy isn’t working at as […]

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