Month: October 2008

How Will Trick-Or-Treating Be Affected By The Economy?

Let’s hope not! Actually, there is a lesson here for us, though, and it deals with environmental forces. The best laid strategies and the highest hopes can often be dashed by a change in one or more of the forces that constantly impact what we plan to do as strategic planners. Organizations do not exist […]

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Wanna Help Rewrite The Rules?

One of my good friends and favorite bloggers, Chris Wilson, is on the verge of making history! Chris has done some remarkable work in the areas of advertising and branding, both on the creative/design and overall strategy sides, and he has collaborated with some of the best and brightest marketing minds in the world. He […]

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Will The Real Monty Python Please Stand Up?

How did Monty Python’s Flying Circus get its name? According to a documentary I saw some time ago, and partially confirmed by Wikipedia, the ground-breaking comedy team was sitting around a table just before putting the final touches on their show. One of the cast members threw out the name, Monty Python’s Flying Circus, that […]

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A Perfect Financial Storm?

60 Minutes had a good segment on what’s happening in the financial markets. Frankly, one of the things I appreciate about this piece is how Steve Kroft doesn’t reign in his angry dismay as he delivers the story. You can click herefor their October 6th, 2008 broadcast and see for yourself. I sure don’t understand […]

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Was The Edsel A Success?

If we had to pick a category and “label” this campaign, indeed, there is an overwhelming amount of evidence to support the conclusion that the Ford Edsel was a failure. But I am not that crazy about putting things into boxes or assigning definite labels. I think there’s more profit to be derived from looking […]

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