Month: May 2009

A Discount Or A Smart Investment?

As you probably recall from previous posts, discounting isn’t one of my favorite marketing strategies. In fact, one of the Burtisms I emphasize in my ECHO Marketing program is, “Don’t cut the price, build the brand!” I will urge you in the vast majority of cases not to lower your price, but to instead focus […]

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Marketing Myopia vs. the WWE?

Marketing Legend Theodore Levitt coined the often-used phrase, “Marketing Myopia,” as a way to describe how sometimes a short-sighted vision can short-change an organization. Most people may not be as familiar with the term, Marketing Myopia, as they are the well-used example of how the railroad industry defined themselves as being in the railroad industry […]

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Analog Inspiration In The Digital Age?

Disney Animation Legend Joe Grant gave Pete Docter, Director of Pixar’s UP, a pencil. The pencil’s visible wear (see for yourself) attests its use in the creation of Disney-caliber artwork of yesteryear. The pencil became one of Docter’s prized posessions partly because, as we can all probably attest, getting something from someone you respect instantly becomes […]

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