Month: March 2010

What’s Your Highest-Yielding Asset?

Most marketing texts offer a nice discussion about why the Lifetime Value of the Customer (Or Customer Lifetime Value if you prefer that term) is a critical consideration in any strategy. The bottom-line is that it’s just so much more cost effective to grow business from existing customers than to try to go out and […]

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How Can You Get More Business?

That’s a common question. That’s what most of the clients I have come to me asking. “I have this amount of business, but what I want is this amount of business. How can I get there?” If you want more business, do good business. The better the job you focus on doing, the more value you […]

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What’s A Guaranteed Way To Beat The Averages?

We hear statistics from various sources all the time, and frankly, some can be a little discouraging. The Small Business Administration says that 50% of small businesses won’t last 5 years. 90% of restaurants don’t make it. A good sales person will have an average closing rate of 20%. The employee turnover in the XYZ industry is so-and-so, […]

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What Made Drucker…Drucker?

I had the opportunity to attend the workshop of one of my favorite consultants who happened to be giving a workshop to us fellow consultants on consulting, because consulting is one of the things he consults on. Anyhow, one of my colleagues raised the question of what would be good books to read to help […]

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Three Million Bucks For This?

A lot of people think that because I make my living in marketing that the Super Bowl is one of my favorite events. I hate to say it, but, the opposite is the case, and not just because Brett Favre didn’t make it this year. It makes me cringe to see how all that money […]

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