Month: May 2010

So, What’s Mark Harmon REALLY Like?

A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to serve as the auctioneer for the Mark Harmon Celebrity Weekend Benefit. I’m happy to report that we raised over $100,000 at the auction event and that the money will go to benefit some great causes, including one of my favorites, the Ronald McDonald House. I […]

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Fight The System?

Really effective organizations recognize that marketing is not a department, but a philosophy that permeates every aspect of its operations. They don’t just decide to “do” some marketing, marketing impacts every decision that is made. Really great organizations are the by-product of great systems. Marketing author Philip Kotler said, “The company that will win is […]

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Rough Weather Ahead?

With storm season upon us in our Great State of Oklahoma, we can count on the weather being at the center of a lot of newscasts. Ever notice how each station does their own variations of basically the  same kinds of teasers? For example, if there’s a storm approaching, they’ll say, “There’s a storm on the way, and […]

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