Month: November 2010

Who can point us in the right direction?

“This is Dineh Mohajer, founder of Hard Candy, a cosmetics company with more than $10 million a year in sales. She knows what young women who love nail polish want because she is a young woman who loves nail polish.” That’s just one of the many great examples in Seth Godin’s marketing classic, Purple Cow: Transform Your […]

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Toys R Us Goes to the Mall?

Toys R Us is doing something that reminds us of how to take advantage in a so-called down market! Recognizing that mall vacancies are up, Toys-R-Us is negotiating with several malls to rent space just during the Christmas season, thereby giving themselves an expanded retail presence, a “mall presence,” they can capitalize on during their […]

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Who do we thank for the free market?

To whom do we owe our thanks for the privilege of living in a free market? If you happen to be a veteran reading this, we have YOU to thank! I think the fact that we live in a free market economy is among the greatest blessings we enjoy in this nation. You’ve probably gathered that if […]

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