Month: June 2011

Fold-outs mean diminishing return?

One of the tools advertisers have experimented with over the past couple of years or so is the use of a magazine ad that pulls out into a sort of tri-fold effect. This isn’t such a bad idea, but it may not necessarily be a huge winner either. On one hand, the ad does accomplish the first thing necessary […]

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Where does positioning happen?

One of the most popular marketing buzzwords that gets tossed around is “Positioning.” Here’s a way to spot those who really understand positioning and have done their marketing homework versus someone who’s just playing buzzword bingo and trying to impress you. If they talk about “positioning” as something that is done to the product, they are not […]

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Happy birthday, Big Blue!

Back when I was but an eager undergrad studying business, IBM was always a good answer. Just as the old saying went, “Nobody ever got fired for buying an IBM,” using IBM as the example of how to run a business was also pretty safe inside or outside the classroom. Then they went through tough times, then they got their act […]

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Where’s the answer?

People often talk about “needing to ‘do’ some marketing,” and they are often perplexed on exactly where to start. This is not surprising considering that if you pick up 10 different books on marketing, entrepreneurship, strategy, or whatever, you may find 10 different approaches. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, by the way, because you’ll […]

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11 on a scale of 10?

One of the things I detest about most strategic plans is that they involve a bunch of talk and very little “do.” A strategic plan is pretty much worthless unless it results in action, so my thought is, why not just skip all the time-wasting stuff and instead focus on EXECUTION? I’m a bigger fan of guiding principles instead of […]

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