Month: August 2011

The North Dallas Forty Management Seminar?

Football season is upon us!  Anticipation over both professional and college football always puts excitement in the air here in Oklahoma, and let’s hope that there’s a crisp, cold front in the air before long, too, to really put is in the spirit of the season! Though I remain a fan of the sport of football in general, […]

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What does every company buy?

Trick question! Companies don’t buy anything! Companies don’t browse the web, companies don’t call to praise or complain, companies don’t use your product, companies don’t refer you to other companies, companies don’t buy anything! PEOPLE do these things. Those people may work for companies or organizations, but they’re still human beings with all the human emotions […]

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Which investment pays the best dividends?

Without question, the very best investment any of us can make is in our education! In an up economy or down, investing in your own knowledge, your own education, your own ability to do what you do even better or otherwise provide more value in the marketplace will most likely yield the greatest returns. Your education […]

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Cash, check, or phone?

Bill Gates had this idea several years ago that someday we’d all carry one device, and that one device would carry our medical records, replace our car keys, our house keys, would replace our wallets, you name it. People kind of scoffed at the idea that it would be practical for one device to accomplish so […]

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An undeniable truth?

Studying marketing is a lot like studying philosophy. Knowing exactly what is a “right” answer is a pretty tall order to fill. In fact, hanging on too tightly to a “right answer” can spell disaster. As Harry Beckwith mentioned in his latest book, The Invisible Touch, “In this time when even the great physicists – […]

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