Month: December 2011

How did Santa become a national security issue?

Back when I was a boy, we knew Santa was on his way when the weatherman came on the news at 10 and showed good ole’ St. Nick on his radar. “Santa has left the North Pole…” He would proclaim in a tone that conveyed the seriousness of his message, “So all you little boys […]

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Rudolph’s marketing lesson!

I ran this story this time last year. I didn’t know its origin then, nor did I know if it was true or not. I didn’t care then, and I don’t care now! It’s good story full of marketing and leadership lessons! Not to mention INSPIRATION! Enjoy! A guy named Bob May, depressed and brokenhearted, […]

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A jewel of a jingle?

Oklahoma City Jeweler, BC Clark, used the same jingle for their Christmas promotion year after year. Then a few years ago, they got to thinking that maybe the market was tired of this jingle, because they were getting tired of it, so they decided to change it. They quickly learned it was a big mistake […]

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My name is Earle?

Steve Earle is just an incredible talent! This dude can take any song and put his own unique signature on it, which is to me the real value of his brand. With all the talent he has, he has unfortunately battled with a few demons here and there, which in turn has just helped make his […]

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Need a reason to be an organ donor?

Here’s a video prepared by the OC Student Chapter of the American Marketing Association. In it, a student whose mother received a transplant gives us 10 compelling reasons why we should be donors. I’d sure be grateful if you’d view it, not just because it’s good to know but because they’re in a contest based […]

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