Month: February 2012

Ask and ye shall receive?

Consumer products giant Procter and Gamble competes in many categories, dominating most with its repertoire of nearly 300 brands. The company prides itself on staying close to its customer and considers the hefty sum allotted annually to market research to be an investment that yields remarkable results. P&G interacts with more than 4 million consumers […]

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Better than a strategic plan?

In previous entries I’ve suggested that a much more ACTIONABLE alternative to long, drawn-out, boring strategic plans is to have a set of guiding principles that give members of the organization direction on how to make decisions. How to take ACTION, which is what strategic plans are supposed to accomplish in the first place. The […]

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Wanna ruin the Super Bowl party?

Come Super Bowl Sunday we’ll all be gathered around the tube to give this hyped-up event the homage it deserves. Most of us will likely discuss the commercials that air during this glorious event as much as we discuss the game itself. That shouldn’t be so surprising considering how marketers pay close to $3 million per 30 seconds of […]

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