Month: January 2013

Changing your strategic plan? Not so fast!

It’s that time of year. The execs are sitting around the board room getting fidgity, wondering if they should overhaul their current strategic plan or scrap it altogether. Or maybe just tweak it a little, since they haven’t tweaked anything in a while. Truthfully, and practically, their energy could probably be better spent on other […]

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Product Life Cycle – Way Cool!

Finally! Finally, finally, finally, I get the chance to be cool again like I was for approximately 32 minutes way back in 1987. Back in the day (as you young people are fond of saying), I had a flight jacket, a Coca-Cola shirt, and, of course, a pair of Wayfarer shades to top it all […]

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What’s MOST important stage of YOUR business?

Businesses ultimately go through basically 4 stages: Startup, survival, success, and sell-off. A smart entrepreneur will recognize from the very beginning that beginning with the end in mind  is a good idea. Even if the entrepreneur loves running the business, even if the entrepreneur remains healthy enough to run the business throughout his or her […]

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