Month: February 2013

Die hard, already, DIE HARD!

I was so utterly, disgustingly, profoundly, disappointed to hear that they were making a Die Hard 5, I didn’t even care what the proposed plot was. To be honest, I thought the whole idea was just a rumor, then when I saw the trailer, I really thought it was a bad Saturday Night Live sketch […]

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Two Texas brands you deserve to know about…

Earlier this month I had the privilege of traveling to Grapevine, Texas to help a fellow speaker and good friend of mine, Dave Lieber, raise money for a superb cause he co-founded a few years back called Summer Santa. You can learn more about what they do here, and don’t be embarrassed if you get […]

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What is your customer REALLY buying?

We may think we’re marketing a “product,” but what the customer wants to buy is a solution. The customer cares less about features (what it is) than benefits (what it DOES for them). Features and facts may help them justify a purchase with logic afterward, but the decision to buy, the benefits they are seeking, […]

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