Month: July 2013

Why is everything so crazy?

One of the first lessons of leadership is to constantly acknowledge that we operate in a very dynamic environment. While the ongoing nature and rapid pace of the change is often frustrating (if not mind-boggling!), we can also acknowledge that there are specific categories of environmental forces at work that can be studied to help […]

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What does your customer REALLY want?

A while back we talked about what your customer thinks about all the time. You can click here to revisit that article if you like but the simple thing your customer thinks about constantly is the future. Perhaps not surprisingly, that relates very closely to what your customer ultimately, REALLY wants – A BETTER future! […]

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Cause marketing can be a great relationship (just be careful who you marry!)

Here’s a 5 Hour Energy commercial that demonstrates the concept of cause marketing (or cause-related marketing if you prefer that term) at work. As we’ve discussed before, cause marketing is a win-win-win opportunity for marketers (revisit that here if you like). This commercial is almost a walk-through of how cause marketing can affect the consumer’s […]

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Well, “Oops”, I guess…

If you’re all of a sudden seeing more posts from me than usual, and if a lot of them look like you’ve seen them before, like a few months ago, my apologies. Something went haywire with my Feedburner a while back and I was thrilled Wednesday to think we had the problem solved, then Thursday […]

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Hey, that’s me on the radio!

A while back I had the privilege of being interviewed by one of the marketers I admire most, AMAOKC Past-President and social media guru, Brian Blake. Brian hosts an informative podcast called the 7 Minute Smarketer and we had a good visit about how successful marketing is a lot like lifelong learning in that it’s […]

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A very short leadership thought…

PH.D. in Leadership. Short Course: Make a short list of all things done to you that you abhorred. Don’t do them to others. Ever. Make another list of things done to you that you loved. Do them to others. Always” – Dee Hock, Visa Founder  

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Something to remember on the 4th…

There’s a reason why we stand and put our hands over our hearts when the veterans carry Old Glory down the street during the 4th of July parade. We live in, and reap the benefits of, the free market because our men and women in the armed forces, throughout the history of this great nation, […]

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