Month: March 2014

Box me in?

Many organizations live and die by personality or behavioral typing. Personally, I’ve always been a little skeptical of how it’s possible to take a creature as remarkable as a human being and type them as this way or that way based on a few questions or on some limited observation. Here’s a free resource for […]

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What should Kia have done instead?

Kia used a Super Bowl ad to boldly roll out its attempt to enter the luxury car market. What Kia is attempting to do is use a line extension to move into a new category. Sometimes this works, but for the reasons such as those we shared in the previous entry, often times it does […]

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Can Kia pull it off?

Kia is trying to move into the luxury car category. They blasted onto the scene with an impressive Super Bowl commercial (one of the few that were truly Super Bowl-worthy in terms of grandeur, in fact). Just in case you missed it… Wow!  A noble effort, to be sure. The commercial is an impressive piece […]

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