If you’ve been to the movies lately (and my family has been a bunch this summer ’cause there have been some great ones!) you notice there’s a trend going on that kind of seems to come and go. You’ll see ads  and commercials for local organizations run before the previews of coming attractions start. You’ll also […]

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Me and Seth Godin…

Seth Godin is a brilliant marketer. He often posts a blog entry of only one sentence or a few sentences. And people think it’s amazing. And when he does it, it is. If I were to do that, it’d just look like I was trying to imitate Mr. Godin. Or just lazy. Or both. Which […]

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How about a sure-fire copy writing formula?

Need to write some ad copy? A flyer? A cover letter? An e-mail? Copy for your website? Here’s a time-honored formula that’s sure to work for you. An oldie but a goodie. AIDA – Attention, interest, desire, action. Those four hallowed words reverently dictate how you can write persuasive copy. It’s a formula that’s been […]

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