Great Game of Networking Book

Great Game of Networking

Minimize effort, make more contacts, get more leads, make more money, and have a lot more fun doing it!

Based on his book by the same name, Dr. Burt shares his proven techniques on how this exciting and often underutilized form of personal branding can help professionals of any experience level increase their value in the marketplace. Originally designed as a three-hour or half-day workshop, this course covers everything needed to become an all-star in the great game of networking! This program is optimally presented in a half-day format but its topics may also be customized to meet a shorter time frame or a group’s specific objectives.

Lessons you will learn in this workshop include:

  • Understanding why networking works! And why it’s here to stay!
  • How to get started or improve your current networking game
  • Ways to work a room, an organization, and an entire MARKET
  • Choosing the most profitable networking venues
  • How to turn any opportunity into a networking opportunity
  • Ways to get incredible returns on your networking investments
  • Why your business card and how you use it is critical to your success
  • Developing a marketing statement that will stick in the minds of prospects
  • 10 key guiding principles to MAXIMIZE any networking situation
  • Specific Do’s and DON’T’s when it comes to working a room
  • How to get more referrals
  • The marketing power of a very simple customer database
  • Turning volunteer time into significant profits
  • Positioning yourself as THE GAME in the minds of prospects
  • How to burst onto the scene and quickly move visibly into leadership
  • Traps to avoid when it comes to committees and volunteer roles
  • How to track your success and continuously improve your game
  • …And much more!

Be sure to ask about how attendees can get a FREE copy of Dr. Burt’s book!

ECHO Marketing System

Does Your Marketing REVERBERATE?

Imagine having at your disposal a set of powerful techniques to make your marketing reverberate all the way to the bank…bank…bank…bank…

Seriously, your colleague Dr. Burt has literally spent a lifetime in the study and practice of business. His ECHO Marketing System™ includes the results of his own research and experience along with nods to the business gurus he has studied over the years. The program examines marketing and the entire business model, providing insight that is philosophical, strategic, and tactical.

What it is…

The ECHO Marketing System™ is built around 4 core areas of focus and can be customized a variety of ways to address the specific needs of the audience. It may be delivered in a 45 minute keynote, a 90 minute breakout session, or a half-day to all-day workshop. Each section is available as a stand alone program, and follow-up consulting services are available to help in your organization’s implementation of the ECHO Marketing System™.

Who benefits…

This is a beneficial program for any organization looking to complement its existing marketing efforts, for organizations looking to re-examine its marketing program or start a new one, for strategic business units within corporations or small businesses with limited marketing resources. Not-for-profit organizations, associations, and institutions will also find ECHO Marketing™ is a workable system to help them meet their goals.

ECHO Marketing™ Means:

Everything is Branding

Customers ARE the Answer

Healthy Growth, NOT Hyper-growth

Optimize, Optimize, Optimize

Here’s a little more on each of the points that can be developed to suit YOUR specific goals:

Everything is Branding!

Branding is THE comprehensive marketing philosophy! And there’s a reason for that: It works! There are many excellent marketing books available that focus on the big-picture when it comes to branding, but your brand isn’t just the big things you do. It’s a whole bunch of little things and those little things need to permeate the entire organization. This section sheds new light on how to define and refine your branding strategies and make immediate improvements you’ll soon see on your bottom line.

  • Redefining marketing as branding
  • Turning your branding strategies into actionable, PROFITABLE battle cries
  • How to avoid overlooking critical branding components
  • Why what we think our brand is may be causing us to lose customers
  • Strategic Vision: Big-picture, little picture, and legacy building
  • Getting others to be champions for YOUR brand

Customers ARE the Answer!

In one way or another, customers have all the answers concerning your marketing. In fact, in most cases, the customer simply is the answer to your marketing question. Making sure everyone understands this can significantly enhance your bottom line. Dr. Burt describes how to build and grow customer relationships by employing the customer as consultant. This section also debunks the most costly marketing myth of them all (that the customer is always right), so be ready to have your paradigms shattered!

  • How to find the answer to EVERY marketing question. And FAST!
  • Inexpensive (even FREE) marketing information systems
  • Ways to segment and target the most profitable markets
  • When you should and shouldn’t listen to the customer
  • The REAL reason customers don’t come back
  • Why some customers not coming back is NOT the end of the world
  • Ways to become indispensable to your most valuable customers!

Healthy Growth, NOT Hyper-Growth!

The old saying, “If you’re not growing, you’re dying” has value, but explosive, reckless, hyper-growth can kill an organization faster than anything! Growth for growth’s sake is a dangerous philosophy. Ironically, effective marketing often generates this potentially deadly and unintended consequence! In this section Dr. Burt discusses how to grow deliberately, strategically, incrementally, and profitably!

  • Strategies to foster growth that is healthy for the bottom line
  • Avoiding the traps of hyper-growth
  • Growth strategies for good economic times and bad
  • Why NOT to focus on just market share
  • Ways “thinking small” could bring bigger profits
  • How to keep the innovative edge of a start-up as your business expands
  • Which metrics to study, which to ignore
  • How to leverage future growth through strategic alliances

Optimize, Optimize, Optimize!

The fastest way to derail your success is to sit around reading your own press about your success! By making sure you constantly and carefully tweak, adjust, maintain, and optimize this pristine machinery that is your business, you can stay ahead of the pack. Dr. Burt shows you how to continually take the high ground and design an organization with multiple, defensible strategies working for you and against the competition!

  • Servicing your marketing machine for optimal performance
  • Ensuring your business is systems-dependent, not people-dependent
  • Making sure the competition sits at home worrying about you (and not the other way around!)
  • When to talk about OVERHAULING the design of your organization entirely
  • What TQM and other philosophies have to offer and what to ignore
  • Why Everything is STILL Branding!

However you decide to use it, ECHO Marketing™ will complement your organization’s marketing efforts and provide you with a toolkit to help you reach your goals. Get ready to make your marketing REVERBERATE!

The Auctioneer in YOU!

By far Dr. Burt’s most requested talk and the perfect opening or closing keynote! In the first 15-20 minutes of this unique 45 minute keynote Champion Auctioneer Dr. Burt coaches the crowd through how to do the auction “chant” and how to conquer some fun tongue twisters. Audiences have a ball working together learning what looks like a complex task in only a few minutes.

But this isn’t a warm, fuzzy, frilly, fun talk or just a bunch of fun and games! Dr. Burt spends his time in front of the group making relevant points and demonstrating lessons they can apply directly to the objectives you set in advance. For example, how in only a few minutes the audience learned a brand new skill by understanding fundamentals and how the same attitudes and techniques can help them reach both their goals and those of the organization.

This energizing keynote works superbly as either a conference kickoff, as a way to maintain the tempo midway through an event, or as a way to end a conference with a bang! Or save by using it as an entertaining supplement to one of Dr. Burt’s other programs and leverage your training investment.

Basic deliverables of this program include:

  • Why both the individual and the organization profit from learning new things
  • How to enjoy and grow from lifelong learning and build a better life as a result
  • The role attitude plays in the learning and success process
  • How YOU can get the most from YOUR investment in any kind of training

Additionally, topics covered in the talk may include a combination of these listed below and will be based on the specifications of the client.

  • Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Attitude
  • Goal-setting
  • Total Quality/Continuous Improvement
  • Marketing/Sales/Customer Service
  • Systems Optimization
  • Or this can just be a frilly, fuzzy, fun talk that is just a bunch of fun and games! It’s your money and your audience will love it!

This keynote can be customized to fit any need, so contact us today to discuss how you want to employ this incredible program! This is the one they will remember from now on!