EMI Research Solutions, LLC

EMI Research Solutions is our market research consultancy. EMI has access to a full range of market research services, though our primary focus is on customer satisfaction research. This is because there is nothing more powerful than the voice of the customer when it comes to decision-making. We also believe that market research does not have to be complicated or expensive in order to yield actionable strategic information.

Our favorite methodologies are focus groups and online and mail surveys (yes, some people still do those), or we can find the solution to your research problem using a hybrid of various research methods. 

Note: Much of my time these days is spent professing, speaking, and being a husband and dad, but I still take on selective projects if they are the right fit. I’m always happy to visit with you about your consulting or market research needs, and if I can’t readily provide your solution, I’m happy to refer you to one of my friends who can.  – Dr. Burt