Welcome to the Game!

GreatGameofNetworking.jpgThanks to those of you who have not only purchased my first book, The Great Game of Networking, but for taking time to tell me what you liked in the book, what you’d like to see in future editions, and, most importantly, how you’ll profit from the time we spent together in the pages of the book! That is very important to me! More accurately, YOU the CUSTOMER, are very important to me!

I hope you’ll use the book as an ongoing reference manual to help you in your marketing and relationship-building efforts! I also hope you’ll surf into this site now and then to hear any new developments or to perhaps even see your own name in lights as I showcase something you’re doing networking/marketing-wise that deserves mention.

One thing several of you have said you gleamed from the book that you’ve already put to work is how to shop organizations to see if you want to join or not. In the book that I strongly advocate taking a good long test-drive and being rather a tough customer, and since YOU are my customer, I’m happy to hear that is working for you.

I am actually offering a FREE version of my  Great Game of Networking workshop for those who purchase enough copies of my book, so if you’d like to explore this possibility, please let me know! This could be a cost-effective way for YOU to offer your customers/clients an educational program you and they would spend a lot more to benefit from otherwise.