Gundy, Gundy, Gundy…

Let me start by saying that I’m not a huge fan of Mike Gundy. I was in school with him and just never much cared for him or his style of play, and I haven’t exactly been wowed with his coaching. His little blow-up at the press conference was something I know he wishes he could take back, and I think I speak for ‘Pokes everywhere when I say I wish he could too! Yikes!

On the other hand, it may have just helped reinforce why I’m proud to be a ‘Poke! You see, what ole Mike was doing was taking up for one of his players. Granted, he should have dialed it down a few notches, but he sincerely had that player’s and his/our program’s best interests in mind when he did it. Frankly, I appreciate his passion and I look for this to be one of the stories that makes its way into Cowboy Lore! Pistol Pete_1.jpg

That’s all branding really is, anyway – story telling. We just hope the marketplace tells the story we intended! The media will focus upon the tirade, and unfortunately, that may be the lasting impression the rest of the world has about our beloved program, but I’m going to use it as a chance to give Gundy a break and be proud that we ‘Pokes look out for our own. That’s the story I’ll tell, and as far as I’m concerned, that’s why O-State is the brand I’ll invest in! Go ‘Pokes!