What If I Just Don’t Feel Like Networking?

Do it anyway!

First, there is a difference between being “sick” and just not “feeling good.” A client of mine who owned several retail stores used that as a guiding principle for employees who considered missing work because they didn’t “feel good.” He pointed out that there is a difference in being ill and simply not feeling like working. He trained his people to ask themselves if they were really “sick” or just not “feeling good.” He reminded them that a professional knows the difference between being “sick” and just not “feeling good.” A professional also recognizes that others are depending upon him or her.  

There will be days when you just don’t really “feel” like attending an event and doing the whole networking thing.

Do it anyway!

GreatGameofNetworking.jpgThink about it. There have probably been times when you didn’t “feel like” exercising, cleaning out the garage, or going to church. But once you did, you were glad you did! I am not kidding when I say, on days like that, unless you are truly ill and could make the rest of us sick, DO IT ANYWAY! 

At first you may really have to push yourself, but you’ll probably find that once you get in the game, you are reminded how good you are at it! You will remember how much you really used to dread these kinds of events and how hard it was for you. You may see others who are struggling to play the game and you may help them out, and that may even be a reward unto itself!  Plus, it’s not an exaggeration to say that those who are new to the game and those already in your network DEPEND on you!

So the next time you don’t “feel like networking today,” DO IT ANYWAY! At the very least, you’ll just be glad you did!