Thank You. What Else Can I Say?

In his timeless classic, How to Stop Worrying and Start Living, Dale Carnegie advised us to count our blessings, not our troubles. This not only helps avoid stress but can help foster an attitude of gratitude and help us attract so much more good in our lives!

We live in a free market economy in the greatest nation in the world. We are free to agree or disagree on just about anything we want, from our religion to our political beliefs to who should be voted off what reality show, and we have a culture that, for the most part, supports you and me respecting one another’s position whether we agree or not. Installments to maintain that freedom are continually paid by brave men and women who don the uniform of their country and protect our freedom not out of a sense of professionalism, but a sense of duty.

Among the many blessings my family and I are counting this year are you for your support of the launch of this BLOG and of our business for so many years. You help us enjoy a quality of life we wouldn’t trade for anything. I hope you know your readership, referrals, and contributions to this BLOG are always appreciated, but will be high on the list of those things we count among things we are especially thankful for this year as we celebrate Thanksgiving. From our family to yours, thank you for making this relationship possible, and our very best wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving!