Ride the Cow Catcher!

edison_cowcatchr.jpgAt Work With Thomas Edision is full of neat stories about Edison, but presented in a way that inspires entrepreneurs and business people! One story the author shares is how Edison took a train journey across the country and opted to ride not in the cars with the other passengers, but instead on the front of the train where the cowcatcher was located in those days. Edison’s rationale was that doing so helped him “see things differently”, so that although he wasn’t alone on the trip, he also didn’t take the same journey as everyone else.

It’s a good idea to find ways to see things from different perspectives in our businesses, too! When’s the last time you sat in the lobby of your business? Or parked in the same area as your customers? Or called the main number of your business and listened as though you were a customer calling for the first time?

The customer IS the answer to every marketing question. By putting yourself in their shoes, you can experience their experiences and build the business in a way that best serves them.

So take a ride on the Cow Catcher and you’ll be on track for profits!