Thank You, Tom Peters!

If you haven’t had a chance to read Re-Imagine! by Tom Peters, I’d really encourage it. Though it was written in 2003, like a lot of Dr. Peters’ work, it still packs quite a punch!

Somebody got me a daily calendar that has a “quote-a-day” from Re-Imagine! and that’s a neat way to digest and reflect daily upon all this book has to offer. One that jumped out at me was the reminder that in the 21st Century, we are actually returning to job security…kind of!

“But it’s NEW job security. Or actually very old new job security. I’m talking about job security in the first century after our country was founded, which was: Craft, Distinction, and Networking Skills!” – Tom Peters, Re-Imagine!

It’s what we know (our craft and our education), why we’re the better value than any other choice (distinction), and making sure we know how to make sure others know we’re the best choice (networking)!