What’s the Fact, Jack?

24 season 7_1.jpgIf the spoilers I’ve seen for the upcoming season of 24 are accurate, I may have just watched my last season of that otherwise awesome piece of television!

Please stop reading if you don’t want to hear what is allegedly going to happen next year on 24!!!

And if you really, really don’t want to know, you certainly wouldn’t want to click on this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5CJ8OIDIrj0

Rumor has it that Agent Tony Almeda, who we all saw die last season, will turn up alive in the 2009 season. You’ve gotta be kidding me! Why would a show that has been everything but the typical show in terms of getting stale in its writing pull a stunt like this? Reminds me of the season of Dallas that turned out to be a dream back in the 80s. C’mon.

The fans support this brand. We are the customers and we deserve better. Let’s hope this is a clever, counter-intelligence tactic on the part of the writers of 24 to keep us all guessing while they come up with a real grabber of a plot line!

That one grievance aside, how cool is it that thanks to technology, you get as much bang for your buck in one episode of 24 as you did in a feature film in the 1980s? And how neat that the Internet exists, where we, the fans, the customers, can view and discuss things like this? What a remarkable time to be alive!