What Really Causes Prices to Go Up?

Flip_flops.jpgDue to the rising costs of cute shoes, effective January 1 our new prices will be the following…

That was how the owner of the place I get my hair cut announced she was raising prices! I’m one of many customers who got a chuckle out of it and, more importantly, still do business with her. This qualifies as good marketing not because it’s clever, but because it got results. I decided to do a little research and have learned that she has only lost one client since raising prices, and since that customer complained frequently anyway, she doesn’t consider that a big loss. She’s given herself a raise, the rest of the customers are still happy, so a win-win relationship has been maintained.

What the customer wants is VALUE. As long as VALUE is there, the customer doesn’t mind funding cute shoes for the team that provides it!