There Really Is A WD-40 Fan Club?

wd40logo_fanclub.gifYes indeed! I wasn’t kidding in my Sept. 3, 2008 post when, after praising WD-40 for saving the day, I said, “No wonder there’s a WD-40 fan club.”

Check it out!

Your business has a fan club, too. People talk about their experiences with your organization, and if you’re doing it right, they’re saying good things that will entice others to want to do business with you! This has always been the case, but never more so than today thanks to the widespread availability of the Internet and its many forums.

The customer has always owned the brand, but today they also own the media through which to promote or discredit the brand. When your customers love you enough to spend their own time building shrines to your product, you know you’ve got a real gold mine, so treat it as such. Make sure you stay close to any and all customer communication both to make sure your customers are satisfied and to pick up some powerful free research on how to make their experiences even better for them and more profitable for you.