What’s A Guaranteed Way To Beat The Averages?

meter_1.jpgWe hear statistics from various sources all the time, and frankly, some can be a little discouraging. The Small Business Administration says that 50% of small businesses won’t last 5 years. 90% of restaurants don’t make it. A good sales person will have an average closing rate of 20%. The employee turnover in the XYZ industry is so-and-so, customer churn is such-and-such, the typical margin in this business is this, and so on, and so on.

Take it from a trained, professional market researcher of over 15 years experience: The best thing you can do with some statistics is to ignore them! I’ve got a way to help any one, from any background, in any industry, with any goal, BEAT the averages!

Here it is: Be above average!

Simply commit to NOT doing what the “average” person or average business would do. If the average sales person makes 30 calls to get 5 appointments and closes 1 sale, don’t be average, be above average! Make 60 calls so you can get 10 appointments and close 2 sales and you’ll be able to say that you’re twice as good as the “average” sales person!

If the average business closes its doors in 5 years or less, study what things the average business does that leads to common mistakes and just don’t do those things! Make a commitment to asking, before you take any action, “What would an average business do in a situation like this?” and simply make a point of NOT doing that and instead of doing something above average!

Find out from your customers what they consider to be an “average” experience or an “average” organization and use that as a benchmark for what NOT to do. This may seem like a rather common-sense, if not downright simplistic, approach to strategy, but you’ll probably find that’s exactly why it can be so effective!

“When I was young I observed that 9 out of 10 things I did were failures, so I did 10 times more work.”