Would Rockefeller Hire You?

For_Hire.jpgAs J.D. Rockefeller built his fortune around the turn of the 20th Century, he was often accused of exploiting immigrant labor. His critics said he hired those who had immigrated to this nation from other countries because he could acquire their labor cheaper than that of their domestic counterparts. While it is true that he could acquire immigrant labor at a discount, that wasn’t the real reason he hired them.

As H.W. Brands points out in Masters of Enterprise, the great appeal of immigrant workers was that they were not only remarkably dependable and eager to work and learn the skills required of the new jobs they sought, they were actually often more productive than the more experienced workers because they were both willing to be coached and they didn’t have to un-learn any bad habits or be re-trained! They delivered real VALUE to the organization not so much because of what they brought to the job, but because of what they didn’t bring!

Whether you’re looking for a new job or are looking to hire, consider how much more valuable being able to forego having to break old habits would be to your organization or employer. A lack of experience might turn out to be the exact reason a candidate is suited for the job!