A Personal Billboard?

hotel_key_card.jpgThis just seemed like the coolest thing to me, how the space on hotel key cards is now being leased out for advertising. Brilliant! Brilliant because it’s a source of revenue for the hotels, and brilliant in its simplicity! It’s one of those ideas that makes you do an Aggie high five (that’s where you slap yourself in the forehead) and say, “Why didn’t we think of that?” Talk about creating money out of the thin air!

Key cards are being used as both a branding vehicle and a billboard. In some cases the key cards are “designer grade” and potentially even collectible.  Of course, the ultimate measure of whether this is really “good marketing” or not will be how many customers the advertising delivers for the organizations using the cards to send their message, but it sure gets kudos from me for how hotels are profiting from this otherwise underutilized space. 

You can read about it at the Fast Company Website here  if you like.