Where’s the answer?

crystal ball_1.jpgPeople often talk about “needing to ‘do’ some marketing,” and they are often perplexed on exactly where to start. This is not surprising considering that if you pick up 10 different books on marketing, entrepreneurship, strategy, or whatever, you may find 10 different approaches. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, by the way, because you’ll find that the best way to get really good at what you do is to study a whole bunch of approaches and pick and choose what you like.

Something I’d urge you to consider is to not get all tied up on knots looking for the “right answer.” Who the heck knows what a “right answer” is in this crazy marketplace? You can bet today’s “right answer” may not be so “right” tomorrow, so why bother? Instead, try to decide what YOU want to accomplish and then look anywhere and everywhere for ideas on how to get there. Be prepared to shrug off a few setbacks along the way and also be prepared to celebrate any and all forward progress as much as you celebrate achieving whatever ultimate success you’re looking for.

All models are wrong; some models are useful.” – George E.P. Box, Statistics Professor