Do we have a market here?

Before any marketing can take place, we’ve got to of course have a market!  There are three basic factors that must be present for a market to exist. Simply put, a viable market is a group that has the need, ability, and willingness to buy.

1. Need

For a market to exist, there must be a need or a desire for that which we are offering. If nobody wants it, it’s not gonna get much attention, much less sell.

2. Ability

The prospective customer may have all the desire in the world for what we’re offering, but if they don’t have the ability to purchase what we have to offer, they won’t.

3. Willingness

A need may exist, and the prospect may even have the ability to purchase our offer, but they may simply not have the willingness to do so.

Need, ability, and willingness to buy. If we don’ t have those, we don’t have a market. If we do, then the fun really begins!