Is marketing a thankless profession?

When was the last time you saw a parade held in honor of the marketing professionals of the world? The role played by marketers is crucial! Consumption drives the economy of the world, and marketing helps stimulate that consumption by demonstrating and delivering value on behalf of customers, who are the undisputed focal point of all commerce. Yet the vast majority of those fortunate enough to work in the profession of marketing do what they do behind the scenes. We, the esteemed customers, get to benefit immensely from the value that is produced, yet we’re so busy enjoying that value that we often don’t even consider, much less recognize, those who go about telling the value story, creating demand, and delivering benefits on the customer’s own terms. Doing what marketers do creates jobs, fuels the economy, and raises the standard of living of society. Nothing happens until a consumer buys, and a consumer doesn’t buy unless he or she see’s value. If marketers ever stopped marketing, the economy would grind to a halt. End of sermon.

One group of marketers to which I’m proud to belong, the American Marketing Association of Oklahoma City, sure deserves a hand! The kickoff meeting of the 2012-13 season is almost a month in the rear view mirror, yet attendees are still buzzing about it. Rightfully so! A tip of the hat to Kevin Jessop, president of Evolve Research and 2012-13 chapter president, and his team for giving us VALUE for our investment.

Jolly good, sir!

The general raising of the standard of modern civilization…would have been impossible without the spreading of the knowledge of higher standards by means of advertising.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt