Where’s the best place to find a new idea?

The best place to find a new, inspirational, innovative idea is ANYWHERE! Yes, a good idea awaits you just about anywhere you look, the problem is that most of us are looking for the wrong things in the wrong places.

Here’s how it usually goes…We need to find the answer to some problem, and we ask the question, “Who can help me with so-and-so?” or we ask, “Who’s the best author on such-and such-subject?” or “What’s the best book about this-or-that?” The problem is, we’re deliberately narrowing our focus to what may or may not actually be what we need to be searching for in the first place. Not to mention o the fact that we’re setting ourselves up for disappointment when that one guru or that one book turns out to not have all the answers we need when we need them or if they turn out to be “wrong” in the long-term.

A better source of new ideas is to constantly be making the world around you into a case study. Study anything and everything. Fact, fiction, history, current events, whatever, and when you see something that strikes you for any reason at all, jot it down somewhere or find some other way to capture it (Thank you, Evernote!). Then, when you need a new idea, you’ll have a stockpile if ideas you can browse through, which will give you a ton of inspiration,  and you’ll be amazed at how creative you suddenly become!

Inside of every problem lies an opportunity.” – Robert Kiyosaki, Rich Dad, Poor Dad