Changing your strategic plan? Not so fast!

tic tac toeIt’s that time of year. The execs are sitting around the board room getting fidgity, wondering if they should overhaul their current strategic plan or scrap it altogether. Or maybe just tweak it a little, since they haven’t tweaked anything in a while.

Truthfully, and practically, their energy could probably be better spent on other endeavors.

I like to suggest to anyone who’ll listen that there is one simple aspect of a strategy that should be considered before doing anything -  If the current strategy is working, it may be better left alone. If the strategy is getting RESULTS, then changing it might be foolhardy. Or unnecessary. Or irresponsible. Or just downright stupid.

Thinking about changing a strategy is a good idea. In fact, CONSTANTLY thinking about changing a strategy is a necessity and is the role of the leader. But a really good leader knows a strategy should be changed only when it stops performing. You can read more about why I say this here.


1. THINK about changing a strategy CONSTANTLY.

2. CHANGE a strategy only when it stops consistently performing or yielding desirable RESULTS.

As someone once said, “Don’t be afraid of going slowly, only be afraid of standing still.”