Two Texas brands you deserve to know about…

Texas flag on barnEarlier this month I had the privilege of traveling to Grapevine, Texas to help a fellow speaker and good friend of mine, Dave Lieber, raise money for a superb cause he co-founded a few years back called Summer Santa. You can learn more about what they do here, and don’t be embarrassed if you get a little teary-eyed reading about the many ways they help children in need year-round, not just during the big end-of-year holidays. They do all this with no paid staff, either. It was an absolute honor to serve as their auctioneer for the evening and to work with such a talented, motivated team. I am proud to have been a part of it.

Great Wolf Lodge served as a generous sponsor of the event, and that’s where my family and I had the chance to stay over the weekend. I’ve gotta tell you, they lived up to everything I’d heard about them and then some! Everything about our stay, from the width of the parking spaces to the speed of the checkout process was an textbook study in how a premium brand experience should be delivered. Look out, Disney, these guys are the ones to beat, in my book! The virtual tour of the facility alone is pretty amazing, but it’s nothing like being there folks!

Thank you Summer Santa and thank you Great Wolf Lodge for being two excellent brand experiences worth telling the world about!

A brand is a promise. It creates the expectations that the product has to deliver.” – Jack Trout