What does your customer think about all the time?

A very simple answer to the question, “What does your customer think about all the time?” is: THE FUTURE! The customer thinks constantly about the future. In fact, since you’re a customer, too, consider how often “the future” is what you think about.

For example, we may be motivated to get an education so we can have a better job so we can provide for our loved ones so we can retire comfortably and hopefully leave them a legacy of some kind when we’re gone. In every decision we make, we are thinking about the future. If we’re unhappy in the present, we’re thinking about what we can do to be happy in the future. If we’re currently happy, we think about how we can keep the happiness going. Think about what you think about all the time and you’ll see we all think constantly about the future.

The marketing challenge then becomes finding out what “future” the customer desires, then we frame our value proposition in such a way that it helps contribute to that future. Maybe it’s not so easy, but it is that simple. 

A complex system that does not work is invariably found to have evolved from a simpler system that worked just fine.” ─Murphy’s Law of Computing